Massage reinvented for every body

Using innovative technology, you can now experience the ultimate relaxation - completely alone. Whether it's for wellness, pain-relief or performance, massage will now be easy-accessible.

A new massage

Experience Self, like never before

Your body is a temple, and all temples are different. That's why our technology is individually tailored to each body - by a real human!

To ensure maximum quality the massage is tailored to your body. This also means our massage fits to 99% of all people regardless of injuries and such.

Individually tailored

Beyond human

Mind-body experience

The minute you step into the room you are free to be yourself. Nobody looking, nobody touching. Just you and your temple.

No talk. Just massage.
Allow yourself to deeply let go, without needing to consider another human.
Clothing is optional. You are fully private.
The massage works regardless of what clothing you wear.
No pressure to perform
In the daily life performance is key. With us relaxation and enjoyment is key.


People say it makes a difference

Based on thousands of massages, our customers say it makes difference in their life. From well-being to pain-relief.

  • Wellbeing


    Many people use Self simply because it feels great. It could be to start the day right, or before a special event, to arrive happy and relaxed.

  • Pain-relief


    Some of our customers use the massage as a treatment to their muscle strains, injuries, or overall supporting their rehab.

  • Performance


    Some athletes use Self before their big match. They get effective mental and physical restitution to perform better.

“Afslappende, dejlig følelse i kroppen bagefter”

Brenna Goyette

“Afslappende ramte de rigtige steder Dejlig følelse efterfølgende.”

Leslie Alexander

“Man kunne selv regulere hårdhedsgrad. Maskinen fik virkelig fat i musklerne afslappende/luksus”

Lindsay Walton

“Virkningen, positiv overraskede, giver en god dybde i musklerne - love it”

Tom Cook

“Selvom det er en robot kunne det tilpasses”

Leonard Krasner

Frequently asked questions

Do I need to undress?

Clothing is optional. It feels great even with clothing on.

What is percussion massage?

Percussion is a form of massage therapy that vibrates around 1750 times per minute.

How long is each session?

The default is 25 minutes, and with 10 minutes buffer time. Some locations may vary in duration.

Are there any health considerations and contraindications?

Massage in general has a bunch of contraindications, you can read them here.

Is it safe?

It cannot move fast enough to hurt a human. There are also hardware restrictions on how hard it can actually pressure. It is CE marked and very safe to use.

How is it compared to traditional massage?

Our massage is very different than traditional massage. There are pros and cons. The con is it doesn't feel like human hands. Some pros include you are completely in private, and have more control of the experience.

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