Self® massage for corporate companies

Corporate massage for every body.

Easier access to massage can help attract and retain talent while reducing sickleave.
Our product also enables 24/7 massage and up to 15x lower massage cost.

Trusted by Scandinavia's healthiest companies

Most want massages but few get them.

The typical barriers to massage include availability, fear of judgements/inappropriate behavior, and price.

Want massage
Get massage more than once yearly.
Christian Madsen

Natural preventative health is more important now than ever. Massage robotics can aid in exactly that.

Christian Madsen
Boardmember of Falck A/S, Danske fysioterapeuter and chairman of Self®

Transform your workspace

A culture where people want to come to the office

Attract and retain talent

When employees feel that their employer cares about their well-being, they are more likely to stay with the company.

Reduce sickleave

Massage can help reduce sickleave by promoting and maintaining good general wellbeing.

Remedy stress

Studies show people may experience renewed energy and improved sleep already after one single massage.

Care for employees

When companies care, employees care. Win over your trusted workforce by caring for them through massage.

Reward employees

People speak different love languages. Some through touch and gifts, others through words and actions.

Increase productivity

Mindful employees make better decisions. Promoting clear and calm employees may result in a more productivity overall.

A product that speaks for it Self®

We've reinvented the massage experience.

Easy access, and individually tailored to each body. The massage always feels right at the right moment. Via a remote, you also have full control of the pressure. Clothing is optional.

Self advanced massage technology


Hear it from the users directly

“Afslappende, dejlig følelse i kroppen bagefter”

Bente Andersen
HR Chef

“Afslappende ramte de rigtige steder Dejlig følelse efterfølgende.”

Mette Gregersen
Digital projekt leder

“Man kunne selv regulere hårdhedsgrad. Maskinen fik virkelig fat i musklerne afslappende/luksus”

Pia Jensen

“Virkningen, positiv overraskede, giver en god dybde i musklerne - love it”

Bo Jacobsen
Fitness træner

“Selvom det er en robot kunne det tilpasses”

Keith Hansen

Diversity and inclusivity are among our top passions.

Inclusivity is when massage and wellbeing is not just accessible for the top 1%. Inclusivity is when massage also caters to the introverts who prefer massage alone. Diversity is when woman of all religions, and people of all sexualities, can easily get a massage without thinking twice.

Self massage diversity confetti
Self massage man in swing
Self massage diversity lady

4 simple steps

It's easy to get it at your work

You focus on running your business. We focus on massaging your employees and the administration that comes with that.

2x3mMinimum 2x3m room size
1 standard electric outlet

Everything you need

All-in-one platform

You focus on running your business. We focus on massaging your employees and the administration that comes with that.

Unlimited massage
No waitlists nor any click-competition to book a slot. Your workforce simply just has access to feel good.
Easy booking system
We can deliver a very intuitive and easy booking system, or we can integrate into your room-booking system. The choice is yours.
Always up-to-date
When we deploy a robot, it will actually always be up-to-date with our latest software and massage features.
24/7 remote support
We can remotely manage the robot and support both the company and the users.
Very low administration
We take care of as much administration as you let us. We know the rules, the systems and are experts in automation.
Accounting and tax support
There are a lot tax-savings to get on corporate massage. We know the details and help optimize this.
Maintenance monitoring
We are automatically notified when the robot needs maintenance. This is expected a few times per year, and is included.
GDPR compliant
All massage data is stored anonymously and free of PIIs. The profile data is stored securely on Google Cloud and is GDPR compliant.


Massage every body can afford

True inclusivity is when massage is affordable and easy-accessible by every body. You can choose the financing model and who will pay for it.

Financing method
Employee pays
  • Tax free (Gross salary scheme)
  • Unlimited massages
Company pays
  • No expenses for company
  • Wellbeing culture
  • Engaged employees
  • Low administration

Frequently asked questions

Get Self® at your company.

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