Diversity and inclusivity are among our top passions.

Inclusivity is when massage and wellbeing is not just accessible for the top 1%. Inclusivity is when massage also caters to the introverts who prefer massage alone. Diversity is when woman of all religions, and people of all sexualities, can easily get a massage without thinking twice.

Self massage diversity confetti
Self massage man in swing
Self massage diversity lady

Diversity and inclusivity are not just empty words. It shows in numbers too.

Research shows that companies perform better when diversity and inclusivity is prioritised.

2.5x higher

Diverse companies have 2.5x higher cash flow per employee

(source: BuiltIn.com)

5.4x higher employee retention

Workplaces with more diversity and inclusivity have 5.4x higher employee retention.

(source: GreatPlaceToWork.com)

Make better decisions 87% of the time

Diverse teams make better decisions 87% of the time.

(source: McKinsey, D&I Global Market Report, Peoplemanagement)

We support the efforts of more equality and better well-being in the world.

With easy access to well-being and massage, we believe our robot can help making people more sustainable.

In some areas of the world, woman have restricted access to bodywork (due to gender). We believe our robot can help ensure more gender equality regardless of religion.