We believe every body deserves massage.

In this digital age it's easy to get overloaded. We have 1000s of notifications, apps, and information always at our fingertips. We believe the key to live a balanced life is through well-being. Your body is a temple, and our mission is to serve this temple.

Julian Jorgensen Self massage with Price Constantijn of Netherlands
Self massage svumsemor
Pia Jensen giving Self massage to Christian Madsen
Julian getting Self massage at TechBBQ
Bo Jacobsen Self massage Fitness Yoga Club

Our mission

Well-being needs to be easy to access. That's why we're on a mission to deploy massage robots at every modern large company in Scandinavia.

Our mission is to make well-being easily accessible by deploying massage robots in every modern large company in Scandinavia. Beyond mere deployment, we aim to reshape workplace culture, prioritizing the mental and physical health of employees. By seamlessly integrating our technology, we seek to create environments that value self-care, productivity, and overall satisfaction.

In pursuit of this goal, we actively cultivate partnerships and collaborations with organizations, wellness advocates, and industry leaders. Through collective efforts, we aspire to spark a global shift towards innovative well-being solutions in the workplace, fostering healthier, happier, and more productive environments worldwide.

People living in Scandinavia
27 million
Scandinavians wants massage
23,7 million
Gets massage (barriers include high-cost, accessibility, and shyness)
2,1 million

Founded company

The idea was conceived late 2021 while the Jorgensen brother walked by a tanning salon. The beginning year included a lot of design, prep and communication work.

1st robot deployed (beta)

In record time, we deployed a completely new product to a luxury fitness centre in Copenhagen. It went from prototype to production in just 7 months.

v1.0 complete

We announced v1 public. A complete product that is automated in almost all ways. Ready for modern corporate companies.

2nd robot deployed

Our second robot was deployed at a modern corporate company in Copenhagen. Serving hundreds of employees every month.

“My vision is to create rooms where people can effectively, and affordably, recharge from the daily challenges. We have 30 years to achieve this vision fully. Starting with Scandinavia.”

Julian Jorgensen, CEO at Self®

Product vision

Innovating a better massage

Picture indulging in a massage crafted by Ronaldo's therapist or the esteemed masseuses favored by presidents at upscale resorts.

Our vision is to democratize these luxurious experiences, making this unparalleled level of relaxation accessible to everyone, anytime, and at a fraction of the current cost.

Through our technology, top-tier therapists can now transform their massages into data. Our robots are then able to replicate these massages from anywhere in the world.

In the comfort of a private relaxation room, you can now relish a personalized massage experience—all by yourself. We firmly believe that every body deserves effortless access to high-quality massages, and our mission is to make this a reality.

Our values

Adapt to the market
We don´t build products in a garage. We build them in the market. Agility is at our very core. Only when we have the right recipe do we scale.
Money ≠ quality
It may sound counterintuitive, but throwing money at things doesnt always make it better. Sometimes the best things are created on a shoestring.
Action trumps talk
Both us and the product are of action. Sometimes we talk, but mainly we act. Thats the culture we want to build.
Generalists with specialties
There are rare individuals who are both generalist and specialist. We aim to create a culture where it is easy to executive on creative talks.
Technology for humanity
The world is getting more automated. Some people think this is de-humanizing. We believe it will free up time and energy to actually be More human!
Smiles matters
We wake up every day motivated because of the smiles and difference we make to our clients.

A few years ago, I had a major awakening through the body. My depression vanquished, and have never returned. From that day onwards I made a pledge to always prioritize my body.

Julian Jorgensen founder of Self
Julian Jorgensen
Co-founder of Self®

Our team

  • Julian Jørgensen

    Chief Executive Officer

  • Søren Theodorsen

    Chief Product Officer

  • Jimmy Jørgensen

    Chief Technical Officer

  • Erik Kockar

    Robotics engineer

  • Sarah

    Chief of Operations, physiotherapist

Our board

Despite our similar nationality, we actually have a very diverse board. From finances and compliance to health and humanistic approaches.

  • Christian Madsen


  • Jan Christmann


  • Lasse Veng

    Compliance & regulations

  • Grith Skaarup


  • Jesper Sørensen