Be part of the massage revolution.
It is just beginning.

Well-being and inclusivity is starting to trend on a global level. A famous Danish bank (Danske Bank) predicts that by 2028 one of the major topics will be exactly that; well-being. We're already now preparing for that macrotrend and we're open to talk with investors who want to be part of that journey.

Founded company

The idea was conceived late 2021 while the Jorgensen brother walked by a tanning salon. The beginning year included a lot of design, prep and communication work.

1st robot deployed (beta)

In record time, we deployed a completely new product to a luxury fitness centre in Copenhagen. It went from prototype to production in just 7 months.

v1.0 complete

We announced v1 public. A complete product that is automated in almost all ways. Ready for modern corporate companies.

2nd robot deployed

Our second robot was deployed at a modern corporate company in Copenhagen. Serving hundreds of employees every month.

Most people want massage but few people actually get them.

The typical barriers to massage include availability, fear of judgements/inappropriate behavior, and price.


wants massage


gets massage

Invest in a better world

Let's give people a space to recover. To recharge. To be more peaceful. We believe that together we can truly make a positive impact on the world, while generating a very healthy return on investment.

Phone number
+45 53 33 13 49