Self founder story by Julian Jorgensen

I was depressed and disconnected from my body. Despite 20 years of passionate experience within the field of yoga, personal growth, and bodywork, I still struggled with Self-worth.

A few years ago, at a shamanic leadership training, I had a major awakening through the body. Immediately my depression was vanquished, and have never returned.

From that day onwards I made a pledge to always prioritize my body.

Being 195cm tall I was always susceptible to neck and back pain. The pain was made worse by my digital career. In early-2021 I bought the best massage chair I could find in Denmark. Once installed, it added a lot of fun... for a some months... Then it became boring, monotonous, and never quite solved my initial problem. The chair started collecting dust.

One day my brother Jimmy visited and wanted to try the chair. He quickly agreed that perhaps the chair caused more pain than it actually relaxes the body. Besides, we didn’t understand why the chairs isn't connected to the cloud (logging and receiving data from other chairs). This was the moment Jimmy spontaneously proposed building a massage robot. After some minutes of brainstorming we envisioned a place similar to tanning salons, but for massage, where people could go to get high quality massages 24/7.

The idea of Self® was born.

Massage + Robotics. Two seemingly opposite words. But in fact, we've combined them into a beautiful experience that finally makes massage accessible to every body. It will be one of the first non-human masseuses in the world. Starting here in Copenhagen!

Jimmy co-founded Nordbo Robotics about 8 years ago, a company that enables human craftsmanship to be transferred into robots. With clients including Apple and Meta, the technology without doubt made a huge impact in the manufacturing industry. The same tried-and-tested technology can be applied to massage. This results in personalized high quality massages.

In early 2022 we filed the patent application for combining robots, massage and this tracking technology. We’ve already created a working prototype that is already much better quality than massage chairs. Now we’re on a mission to make it better than human massages, and available to every body!

2023 will be a rooting year for Self Wellness where we explore our product-market fit. Specifically within the field of fitness centers, physiotherapy clinics, and large office spaces.

2024 will be more geared towards scale based on the findings this year.

My whole intention with Self Wellness is to bring people more into their bodies. To feel more alive. To be more at ease. No matter which body type or religion you have. It is a concept with inclusivity and diversity at its very heart.

This business is not my career. It is my calling!

Let us use technology to make us more human. We all deserve more well-being.

Julian Jorgensen founder of Self®